The Prologue

Since 2009 Mobile Web Africa, and its sister events Mobile West Africa and Mobile East Africa, have become the leading mobile technology, business-to- business, conferences on the continent.


And that’s not us saying that, it’s what the industry says:


“It is definitely a must-attend on my calendar; extremely insightful and efficient.”

Smangele Mathebula, Digital Publisher, Pan Macmillan

“The best industry event!”

Amit Ramdath, Founder, Byte Orbit

“Thanks for a wonderful conference, I enjoyed drinking from the fountain of cutting edge mobile experts.”



A little background behind the thinking…

Back in 2009, there simply weren’t many conferences in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially ones that focused purely on mobile data, products and services. When you combine the prevalence of the mobile handset with the extraordinary potential of the web and apps then what you’ve got there is a game changer.

5 years later, the number of events has increased in a big way and the potential of mobile data is being realised, but, there is a long way to go. On the events side, according to the research from your peers, none of the others compare to Mobile Web Africa, Mobile West Africa, Mobile East Africa. Here’s the evidence, and by the way we’re not one of those companies (or politicians…) that “slightly adjust” statistics – these are bona fide:

As you can imagine we’re pretty happy about this. We’re a small team – back in 2009 there was just one of us, now there are… two. These stats are up against conferences that are run by companies which are listed on the London Stock Exchange, that have departments 10 times the size of our company and budgets that we could only dream of. But this is what we achieve:

But how do we do it?

It’s simple really, we’ve been in a conference room struggling to stay awake, listening to pitch after pitch and eating average food at breaks. Value for the time and money? Errmmm – no. You add that experience, with our 20+ years of running conferences and the end result is how we do things at All Amber:

1) Focus on the attendee – without you we haven’t got a business, let alone a conference.
2) Get the agenda and speakers right – lots of research, lots of telephone discussions, lots of quality. People and topics that delegates want to hear.
3) Secure a lovely venue – there’s nothing like sitting in a bland room for 2 days to really nullify the senses, so we definitely don’t do that.
4) Drive interaction – we humans are a funny old bunch and can be a bit anti-social, so we like to gently push people to meet one another, talk and develop business.
5) Don’t focus on quantity – big is not better, give us a room with fully engaged people rather than an exhibition of a 1000 any day of the week. Our approach delivers you a better ROI.


And that just about sums it up. Aside from us saying to you “thank you for your interest in Mobile Web Africa 2014”. Perhaps we can persuade you to have a glance over these pages to get a complete picture of what’s in store?

Agenda – it’s always the top page in the ranking – take a look over what we’re focusing on this year and who’s spearheading the proceedings.
Our Speaker Faculty – we’re putting together a group of the leading individuals from South Africa, across the continent and further afield. It’s like a who’s who of mobile brainboxes.
Need To Know Info – if you’re in any doubt whatsoever in terms of what we deliver and how we deliver it, then this page will put your mind at rest.
Our Venue – when we booked it, we couldn’t believe it was still available. It’s absolutely stunning.
Registration & Pricing – Probably best to check out what it’s going to cost you. By the way, despite selling out every year we’ve run the event we’ve actually reduced the cost for 2014.
Partners – we’re always astounded by the level of support we get from industry partners; it makes us feel good when we go to sleep each night. Check out the 2014 partners to also feel reassured.


And finally:

If you want to get involved in any way, or have questions about Mobile Web Africa 2014, then please don’t hold back simply email or fill in the form here. We want you at the event so drop us a line, it would our pleasure to hear from you.